Saturday, June 2, 2012

Out of Space, Again

It appears that as most bloggers probably already know, you have a limited amount of space per post. In the last post the last picture took all of it.  I will have to watch out for that in the future.

We left Cave City and had a short drive to Radcliff, KY, the entrance city to Ft Knox.  With not many places to stay in Louisville, we thought that would be a nice spot to stay convenient to Louisville.  Luck would have it they just had a departure the morning we arrived in a site that would accommodate our coach, although it was just water and electric (50 amp).  We were just staying two nights so that was no problem.  We did drive onto the Fort and took a picture even though we were not supposed to.
It's not as good as some are, but at least I was there.  I'll bet Odd Job is still burned into the bars below (remember Goldfinger).  Also, didn't see any gold stacked up...

We left Wednesday, May 9th headed for Sioux Falls. We made good time across Indiana and Illinois.  We were looking at staying at Scott AFB just east of St Louis, but we got there about noon had plenty of diesel and just kept going.  Around Columbia, MO found some diesel for $3.84 at a Texaco.  Their pump cut off at $100 so after two times they came out and did something to let it run until I finished.  That was the cheapest diesel I had found since I bought it in Nov.

We blew right around Kansas City and headed north.  About dark, saw a rest area sign saying that was the last one in MO.  We pulled in with all the trucks and found a spot.  I was tired as we had been going for about 12 hours.  I really needed that rest. 

Next morning while having coffee, looked out and saw a man getting a tool box out of a RV in front of me and walk around the front of his RV and disappear.  I thought he had a problem and went to check.  He needed some nuts to fix his exhaust that had blown off. I headed off to look and low and behold I had just what he needed in some of my junk.  His wife tried to had me a wad of green bills and I said no way.  I just hope that one day when I need help (and I will) someone will help me out.  Trying to pay forward.

We had a nice four hour drive on to Sioux Falls.  We are at Tower Campground which is almost downtown.  We have all of the shopping, food and government offices you need or want within a three mile circle. 

Now one thing they should work on is southern BBQ.  Living in the south, BBQ is on every corner and a staple of life like salt. :)  Got to wanting some and looked around and they have a Famous Dave's BBQ.  It is kind of like Jim & Nicks around B'ham and that looks like about it.  It was good, but did not serve a serving anything like the Tin Top south of Calera.

Don't have enough space for pictures so will get pictures of Sioux Falls next time.  At least everyone knows where we are.

Oh yeah, this new found freedom is real nice.  Life is Good!!!


  1. Makes you wonder how you managed to get anything accomplished while you were always at work. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. You guys are making some miles. Have fun stay safe.


  3. 12 hours! Joe, don't you know you are retired?

    1. Trying to be like "RV Sanity". I can do it one day and then have to rest a month.

  4. Well, if you blog more often you won't have as much to blog so space won't be a problem. Just a thought. :)

  5. Now you are sorta getting into our neck of the woods!

    1. Trying to get over there, just don't know exactly when.