Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas with Family

We spent a nice week with the family in Guntersville, AL.  We have finished sifting through what will fit into the Motorhome.  Everybody has multiple places to go for Christmas, but through persistence we got the visits accomplished and everyone had a good time.  It took two dinners to see everyone.  Dinners were nice and we had way to much to eat as usual.

We stayed at a nice park just outside of town - Blue Heron.  It is an owner owned lots.  They rent back through the office as well as unsold units.  $30.74/ $159/ $397.50 with a 10% Good Sam Discount.

Tomorrow we are headed to Clermont, FL to do it again.  Hopefully, stay 6 to 8 weeks and see the sights.

Life is Good.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Our New Adventure

After years of dreaming and following blogs of others venturing into this new lifestyle, our slow and deliberate steps finally have gotten us to the cliff.

 We finally had a contract on August 7th after 17 months of the house being on the market.  We had three weeks to get rid of everything.  It was a most difficult task and emotions ran the gamut.  We closed on August 31st and drove out of an empty house on September 3d.

We started looking for a Motorhome at that point.  On November 16th at 9:25, we became the proud (and scared) owners of our new home on wheels.  After returning home we started the process of moving what we hoped would fit into it.  The first load showed we had to regroup.  Three or four boxes at a time was all we could get into it and try and find a place for the things.  Some wouldn't fit and had to go back to our storage units. 

It took us three weeks, while I was working, to fill it up.  One thing is for sure we will not go naked.  There are closets and drawers of clothes in the coach and boxes of clothes in the basement.

I worked up until December 2d.  We will be leaving the area this weekend spending time in Guntersville, AL and then heading to the Orlando area after Christmas.

I will be updating the blog several times a month or as interesting things take place.

It is now time for the dreams to come true.