Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Off To Find A LIFE.

This past week has been nice and slow.  We have seen some of the local sights and been to town a couple of times.

This past weekend Barry and family (we just left them a week ago) called to say that since we were still so close they would like to come and see us before we got to the other side of the country.  We said come on up as it was only a little over 2 hours.  They got here about 5 PM so we loaded up and went to Cedar Key to see the sunset and have a bite to eat.  We arrived about 6 for a 6:24 sunset.  Below is family awaiting the grand finale.
I didn't notice until later that one, Granddaughter Madison was hiding behind her parents.  It was a nice sunset although not as nice as before. 

Grandson Christian was a little bored, but stayed busy watching people fish and then watching the local pelican getting handouts.  Didn't catch them in time, but you can see a bulge in his mouth.
Granddaughter Madison commented that she (12 yrs old) was bored.  I said, "Don't you want to see the sunset?  It will only be a few more minutes."  She then said, "This is what people do that don't have a life!!!"  That one took me by surprise.  I suppose that staying in tune with her Ipod playing games and texting, still going to school, she should know, right?  I don't think so.

We have packed this afternoon to pull out tomorrow AM to head to Carrabelle, FL.  Have met some nice folks, Mike and Janna, I've previously mentioned.  We are heading to a local restaurant this evening with them to have a good time this evening.

So tomorrow we are off seeking that, "New Life".

 Been all I can be, got all I can get, now it's time for me (us).
Life is real good.

Friday, February 17, 2012

An Enjoyable Week In Cedar Key

After only two days here, we extended our stay a week.  Large sites, quiet park, and only 7 miles from town make it inviting.  The downtown area is only about 1/2 mile square.  There are no traffic lights and the boardwalk street is only about 1 block long.  Below is a picture of the waterfront restaurants and hotels.

There are several places to go walk and hike, but it is the sunsets that are nice.

These shots were one afternoon, usually we left the camera or it was to cloudy, but still a pleasant walk and view.

We have met many nice people that are on this journey with us.  There is an instant connection that can turn into long discussions of places to go and things to see.  Very cool.

We did have a crisis situation that took a lot of my time. 5 - 10 minutes a day, mostly thinking.  We had lost or misplaced the TV remote for the bedroom Dish Receiver.  Now we still had the main box, but it did cause great anxiety as that is the one that Carolyn watches her shows on.  If we didn't locate it she was going to be invading my turf so it was top priority to find it.  It couldn't have gone far in only 400 sq ft and most of that packed to the gills.  (got to work on that)  Low and behold, the nightstand drawer pulls out about 2 ft and it was in the very back of that drawer, almost like someone put it there.  The only thing we could think of was that during travel the drawer came open and the remote slide into it.  Note to self, lock remotes up during relocation.

Below are a few pictures of surrounding neighbors in the park.  Note it is less crowded than the previous place.

Been all I can be, got all I can get, now it's time to be me (us)
Life is real good...

Thursday, February 16, 2012

An Easy Week

Well a lot has happened in the last week and then not much.

Last Friday, on the second trip, we finally got the light installed on our truck to let us know if the AF1 is working or not.  They (Creative Coach, Lakeland) did not install it back on the 9th of January.  After reading other blogs where people were having difficulties seeing the light, I got to looking for mine.  Looked under the hood, the dash, the seat, behind the grill and no light or anything resembling one.  Hmm!  Looked in the literature and all of the parts they gave me back and there wasn't one there.  The packing slip showed they sent one.

Called Creative Coach and they indicated that my vehicle didn't need one as it had a negative switch, at least that is what I heard, and they had given me back all of the parts.  I advised them I had looked through everything and didn't have any light kit.  Just didn't sound right so I called SMI and talked with Pete.  Good ole Pete said well they (CC) were supposed to do something different in my case.  A pressure switch that could be obtained locally at any NAPA could be installed and then the light would work as designed.

Long story short, after two weeks of scratching their head, we had it installed last Friday. I feel better whether I can see it or not.  If not maybe I can get Carolyn to ride back there with a radio and she can tell me when it goes off. :)

New story, when we were ready to leave CC I called Cedar Key Resort in Cedar Key to ensure we had a spot.  After all it was our first real trip other than to go and see family.  Whoa!  To my surprise they were full. (Fellow blogger Janna and Mike of Tin TeePee-Log Cabin) had talked them up, and the way I read it they would have openings.  Well, with great urgency I dug out the books we had bought and had received from the Clubs.  I called Sunset Isle, Cedar Key.  They had one site that we could fit into, I jumped on it.

When we arrived I filled up the pull up, went and signed in and proceeded to unhook the truck.  Then the truck would not come out of  Neutral.  Panic Time.  We finally pushed it to the side and I went to the site (remember I was blocking the entrance).  I had to drive the whole park to get to my site and then barely fit.  I missed picnic tables, vehicles, and power poles by mere inches.  As you know I've only been in two parks before this.  Set up, I went back to the truck to work on it.  (had printed a sheet word for word out of the manual to go by).  Contrary to what the book said, when it was running, it went into gear.  Okay, life is back to normal.  Below are pictures out of the coach of how close it was.

Before going to dinner, we went to Cedar Key Resort to try and beg our way in.  They were full. :(  After saying that some people we knew Mike and Janna (not really Pink MH) had been here and they really liked it, well the pearly gates opened.  If your friends with Mike and Janna let me see. (I had commented on their blog and they had responded to mine.  That kind of makes us buddies:) )

So here we sit in Cedar Key RV Resort, Cedar Key, FL

Been All I Can Be, Got All I Can Get, Now It's Time For Me (US)

Life is real good!