Monday, March 17, 2014

Our 3rd Year

Better late than never.  Our 3rd year actually started November 16th.

Our 3rd year finds us with a different attitude about the lifestyle than when we first started.  We are comfortable and very much settled into our daily routines.  While we like to see new places and things we have found out we get to pick our days to have fun.  If it's cool and raining we don't have to go any place.  If we run out of time we will just see it next time.  The least costly park is not always the best choice.

We also want to head toward the Pacific coast this year, again.  Outside any emergencies we'll make it with a few stops along the way and on the way back.  We've put about 18,000 miles on the MH since we bought it.  I anticipate we'll have a lot more on it by the end of the year.

The end result is we are very happy and pleased with our place in life and the options to our travels can change at the drop of the hat and that is alright. :)

We/I went Duck hunting the first of December.  We stayed in West Helena, AR at Pat Kelley's RV Park.  It is a PA park and while was 30 min from the lodge was a decent place to stay.  We experienced an ice storm and that delayed our leaving a day because of crossing the Mississippi River.  Traffic was moving very slow and no commercial trucks were coming across while I was watching.  We just set tight another day and the good part was the park didn't charge me for the extra night.

We ended up leaving Alabama for warmer weather in Florida.  My buddy Steve and Debbie were in Kamp Gulf, Destin watching outside TV in shorts.  We spent 3 days there on our way to our winter stay in the driveway in Clermont, FL. 

Blogger is not allowing me to post pictures.  I know it's been awhile, but something has changed.

We had Christmas in Clermont and stayed in our moochdocking mode for 6 weeks.  After that we went to the RV Dreams Boondocking Rally in Ft Ogden, FL.  Had a great time and shared some stories.  We loved those breakfasts prepared by the Solo CafĂ© group.

We left after 5 days and went to The Glades and met some friends in the area.  While there we went to meet some friends at Riverbend RV Resort, Labelle.  Now I'm just saying this was a real nice park, real nice.

We stayed in The Glades for two weeks.  It got to 85 deg and that was pretty warm.  I was happy to get to a little cooler temps (mid 70's).  We left and stopped over the weekend in Clermont before heading to the Suwannee River Resort in Mayo, FL.  It was a lot cooler there.

We are currently in Hoover RV Park, Hoover, AL.  Seeing a few doctors and just resting.  We're heading up to Guntersville and await the arrival of our tires.  Then we will head to Tiffin meca and get the windshield replaced.  Seems as if ours cracked when we left Mayo, at least that is when I saw it.  I had a flat tire in Mayo and had it fixed.  I believe that when he jacked up the rear that twisted the frame enough to crack the windshield.  Didn't see it then so can not be sure.

Maybe Blogger can straighten out by my next post and I'll have a picture or two. :)