Monday, April 9, 2012

Finished with Red Bay

We finished with all of the items to be worked on Thursday about 11 AM.  I could have stayed over Thursday night and left Friday, but in looking at the weather the storm was just approaching the state line.  Since I was headed to Guntersville to my home park here (Blue Heron RV Park) it would be better to weather a torrential downpour on concrete and pavement than gravel.  So we headed out and drove in the dry the 2 1/2 hours here.  It did indeed rain hard.  I learned at Tiffin when it is a hard storm, to aide the slide covers in water run off you are supposed to lower or raise one end of the MH or rain could build up on the cover and stretch it. 

About Tiffin, Red Bay, while I had to some a lot of work done, it proceeded pretty good and was done very expertly.  They let you be right there while all of the repairs are made and you can learn a lot about how they are put together.

While there got a lot done.
       1.  Express Bay minor items repaired, i.e., drawer latches, cabinet door, washing machine leveled. etc.  Mar 23d
       2.  Rails replaced.  Warranty.  These are the radius of the side wall and the roof.  Mar 29th and 30th.
       3.  Kitchen counter leveled.  Warranty.  It is now dead on.  Funny thing though since that has been done there hasn't been any cooking on it to test it out. :-((  Apr 2d and 3d.
       4.  DS front slide seal came loose on Friday 6th and it got replaced.  Warranty.  Apr 4th.
       5.  The proportional valve on the tag axle air bag was replaced with a manual adjustable valve and set to about 34 lbs.  It is significantly less than what it was originally set at.  This helped with the front axle weight issue identified in January.  Warranty.  It may be my mind, but I actually think it drove better coming over hear.  Time will tell.  Apr 5th.

I spent a lot of time walking the center aisle of the 50 bay repair facility to see what was being done and where I might fit into the schedule.  I think it aided my getting my work done.  Every week starts with the facility being full (97 sites) with several in the overflow.  Some have appointments and some are walk ins like me.  MHs leave through the week with some arriving during the week.  Weekends fine several empty sites, but Sundays find those filling up pretty fast.  They have a process, I'm just not sure what it is.  The end result is I am I satisfied Tiffin owner.  I was treated by everyone courteously and with a smile.  I was very surprised that even with a 3 year old coach how much was covered by warranty.  I would recommend every Tiffin owner go to Red Bay with any problems that are found.  You never know that it may be a recurring problem and covered under warranty or at a much reduced rate.  They just don't publish what these problems are.  Didn't know I had problems until was told so.

So here we sit outside Guntersville going through coach and unloading items and repositioning a lot of things.  It seems as if during our shakedown cruise to Florida and back the last 4 1/2 months we brought several items that we didn't need.  i.e. two crock pots, 6 or 7 rugs (you have to roll these things up to move then they are in the way), and Spot (the faithful ceramic wonder dog.  For the reason before).

Also, seeing family, going to ballgames, helping in yard work, yuck, and other related things. 

Life is good and only getting better.