Tuesday, December 4, 2012


We are back at the Hoover RV Park, Hoover, AL.  It is a nice place, not a destination park, but has full hook ups on a paved parking area adjacent to Regions Park sports facility.  Convenience is the key here to shopping, eating, interstate, and all of our Doctors and friends in the area.

We spent the first week having one to two appointments a day.  Had to have some old cavities replaced and went to my old Orthopedic Surgeon about my shoulder.  I had been putting it off for a couple of years.  Cleaning the MH and using my inflatable boat (paddleski) left me with a couple of days of a sore shoulder, hence the boat doesn't get used as much and the MH is not a clean as it could be :). 

His diagnosis was that a scope (which is what I had done in 03) could be done and get another 5 years or longer out of it.  I keep waiting until they perfect the growing of new limbs and things and then you just swap them out.  With all of this medical hub bub I'm afraid my wait may be a lot longer or never. :(  Oh well, we just deal with what we have and make the  best of it.  Only worry about the things that you can change and just suck it up on the rest. 

I'll be having the scope tomorrow, out patient.  I hope to be able to leave town the first of the following week.  Although it is warm in Florida still, I guess we will head in that direction and get ready for the holidays.  I just hope to beat Santa down there.  He missed our place last year, hopefully he'll be able to locate us this year.  I have the GPS on the phone turned on.  I'm sure that will help. :)