Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Start of a New Year

We ended up the year busy, but quietly.  My shoulder scope went well and didn't hold us up much.  We pulled a "PDD" and drove straight to the Orlando area on the 16th, about 9 hours.  We arrived shortly after dark expecting a thundering crowd.  No one was around :(  We got situated in the driveway and were all set up when they arrived.  It is quiet here with everyone going about their daily activities. 

Christmas came along with a few birthdays and in general we both ate way to much.  This year for New Year's Eve there was a party with a lot of neighborhood friends.  It was the first year in many that we stayed up until the magic hour.  I'm glad I don't do that every day.

Shortly school will start up and we'll be on our own all day.  We hope to get to see some of our new RVing friends we've met on the road this month.  Several are close to us so we will see.  Hope to start out late this month on our quest to hit the west coast this year.  We had a great time this last year and have great expectations for this upcoming one.

There will be more posts when we start doing things. Hope to see you soon.  It's all good.