Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Badlands

It has been a busy week.  Upon our arrival, we just got set up before a big thunderstorm blew up.  It was blowing pretty good.  We are in the Fam Camp at Ellsworth AFB.  For $20 a night it is convenient and close to all of the facilities.  Diesel which is a city block away is only $3.68 a gallon.  That is a deal.  The sites are on concrete pads and paved roads.
That is my neighbors dish run out about 30'.

Last Saturday we drove down to the badlands and made a loop around and through the park. It was clear we weren't in Alabama anymore. It is a pretty big park with a lot of it designated as a wilderness area. While I would like to physically I don't do wilderness anymore. :)  Luckily there is a road that runs the length of the northern area of the park.  About 2/3 of it is paved with nice pullouts.
We were there during the middle of the day and the sun and the small camera did not allow for capturing the colors in the rock. It would be a nice place to be there in the early morning or sunset to see those colors. The next time we come by I think we will spend a night or two in Interior to allow for easy and quick access to the park, also they have an evening program that would be interesting.

The west side of the drive was gravel road and went by a prairie dog town, but then there were suburbs all over the area. :)
We also came across some of the resident Bison and this fellow was beside the road. Approaching he turned and walked away, but stopped looking away.  Had to yell twice to get to even turn his head, but at least he allowed me a profile shot.
Carolyn is getting good at spotting animals and spotted a female Rocky Mountain Sheep laying just below one of the pull offs.  I stalked close enough for a decent shot, although where she was I probably could have just walked up in the open.  I'm sure she has seen people before.
It was a nice day.  We didn't go into the Black Hills on the weekend thinking there would be lots of people.  We like to see things at our pace and not be held up or pushed by others.

Monday night just after going to bed, our third AC fan disintegrated.  Just 4 weeks ago the second fan did the same thing.  After going through the first one, I knew it was not major, but didn't have a fan replacement and before I finally got it shut down smelled a little electrical burn smell.  Thought I should get a tech to look at it and order the parts.  It was as I thought and just the fan.  If you look closer you can see three more cracks in the fan.
I should be able to handle the next one myself as I ordered two fans so I have a replacement on hand.  Of course that means I will not have that problem again. :) :) :)
More later.  It is nice to see things at your own pace and if you get tired just go home and rest.  There is more coming.


  1. Hey guys looks like your having fun..thats some kewl header picture...sorry about the ac fans but nice to know you now have experience fixing them :)..take care..come east anytime would love to have you

  2. Hi joe,
    No need to post this comment. I didn't know you had a blog. Please send me an email so I have your emai
    Address. My email is It was good to see you up in SD. Hopefully y'all will head over to Montana and see mike and Janna.

    Safe travels,
    Rollie and Gina