Saturday, June 30, 2012

Blowing up the Mountain

Ellsworth AFB, Rapid City, SD - We didn't go somewhere everyday,  athough it seems like it.  After being at the base for 3 days, I had to go to the Visitor Center to sign the RV Tech to get in to work on my AC.  The SGT at the counter took my ID and scanned it in and proceeded to tell me my card was expired.  I replied, "How can that be, its INDEF" meaning it is forever.  Well it seems as it hasn't expired they have just changed the bar coding on the back and I needed to get another.  That was a good idea as they have changed the ID cards to allowing you not to put your SSN on the card.  While I was doing that Carolyn also got hers redone.  Now neither card has my SSN on it.  It just has a number that only one computer system can read and know what to do with.  Basically its just a number that doesn't mean anything.  Although everytime I came in  they scanned me and looked at something on their scanners, probably tracking my every move. :)

We did several more drives.

Mount Rushmore - A very nice memorial although not very large.  Went late in the day and stayed for the evening lighting ceremony.  A storm with 40 - 60 mph winds skirted the mountain.  I was in my element.  A few of our pictures.

We went to meet some now friends that I have been following their blog for about 6 years, Larry and Lee Ann.  They have the same See Eagle that we have and we went to watch them set it up as I have not unpacked mine yet. :(  Looked pretty easy, we'll see.  Nice folks and I forgot to get pictures (twice), so I'm borrowing Lee Ann's, my apolygies.
They informed us about the Crazy Horse light show and night blast for the next night.  Admission was 3 cans of food per person, neat.  They only have two night blasts per year and we just happen to be here for one, that's usually not the case. :)  It was a neat show.

 My camera does not do movies well I found out.  It only does 15 sec spurts. Here is the last one.

 On to Devils Tower.