Sunday, July 1, 2012

Looking for Aliens

Devils Tower, WY - We left Rapid City and took a short drive about 2 hours (120 miles) to Devils Tower, WY.  We were going to stay in the Memorial campground, but with it going to get into the high 90's and no hook ups, we ended up in the KOA at the entrance to the Memorial.  It was my first KOA and was true to form, expensive $49.00 per night, crowded, and lots of kids stirring up the dust on their bikes.  We past a campground about a mile away, Devils Tower Mountain View that had no one and the grass was growing up and probably only had about 10-15 sites.

You can do Devils Tower in an easy day.  There are two loops a paved one around the base and another that was longer and ran a little further out from the base.  We, like it seemed everyone else did, walked the paved loop.  We started early, for us (9 AM) and it was nice.  We didn't hurry and the sun was getting a little warm when we finished.  I got pictures all the way around.

There are climbers in this shot.

Carolyn started up after them, but I called her back.

After coming back from our walk (cain't really call it a hike) passed a ranger giving a talk.  A guy asked about what was on top.  He said just schrub bush and grass like you see on the floor around the bottom.  I think it is a government secret, everyone knows there is an alien landing strip on top.  I saw it in the movie. :)  Didn't see any hovering while we were there, but it was day time.
Saturday morning I poured my coffee and lifted the shade.  A trailer had come in late and this is what I saw.

It immediatly came to me that with the way he was parked he had hit my truck swinging in.  I jumped up and checked.  It was alright.  He had hit a post coming into the park and didn't even know it.  That was a close one.

When we finally got on the road, I researched GPS devices for the MH.  There are all sizes and functions to choose from.  I also love google maps on my droid.  The problem with most of these is the small screen with which to see the route.  I just liked a bigger screen.  It hit me to use Microsoft Streets and Trips with the GPS using one of the ports on my overhead TV.  Grandson Zach helped with taking the TV apart and running HDMI cables to the remaining open two ports and left them loose in the cabinet.  I just hooked them to my laptop when going down the road.  There were a few problems (learning curve), but it generally worked fine.

Got Carolyn a new laptop about a month ago.  It has the new Intel WIDI technology.  I got a wireless receiver and hooked that to one of my HDMI cables opened up the program and bam, shows exactly what is on the computer screen.

Now I just glance up and there is a nice 32" screen to view.  And to top it off, I just turn on my Zune player and shuffle through the music of my choice.

Just some of the hurdles that I have to deal with.  Life gets better everyday.

On to Gillette today to get weighed and maybe some boondocking.


  1. Yes, I am certainly impressed - 4 posts in a week! You are putting me to shame. :) Of course, now that you have shown you can do it, we will expect even more.

  2. Hi Carolyn & Joe,

    It's great finding you through Howard and Linda's blog, and seeing that you've realized your dream of fulltiming! Congratulations. We've bought our fulltime rig - 2006 39 ft Discovery - are living in it while we destuff the house. Hope to see you somewhere down the road.

    Selene & Hank, NC

    1. We're here and loving it. Good to hear from you. Hope to see you soon.