Sunday, July 29, 2012

Fish and Glacier

While in Ekstroms Stage Station just east of Clinton, MT we kicked back and enjoyed the beauty and the local rivers to fish in.  After my first foray into the local fishing, and falling in 3 times on the first day, I got better outfitted and never fell in again. :)

I had some neighbors that came in from the Carolina and California areas.  Rudy, Ryan and Greg were there to fish.  Greg had lived in the area for awhile and had some good pointers.  I tried to act as a sponge and learn all I could.  I guess it worked since I didn't fall in again and even caught another fish (total of 2) and got several strikes and hung another, but lost it.  I didn't go all day like most other people did.  I could go 3 or 4 hours and then would have to let the inflammation in my shoulder go down for a couple of days before I went back.  Had a picture of the three guys, but deleted it by mistake. :((

One of our days out was to cross Skalkaho Pass in the Bitteroot National Forest.  Beautiful area and after crossing the pass came up on the Skalkaho Falls.  Even in the warm temps and the height of the summer, there was a lot of water coming off of the falls.  The water was even good and cool to drink.
We left the area on July 26th and headed toward Hungry Horse, MT and are staying in Canyon RV and Campground.  It is a nice place with some trees to provide a little shade and enough open space to allow for Satellite access.  It also is only 9 miles to the west gate to Glacier National Park.
Usually as we ride through these forest and parks we miss the photo of the wildlife.  It is so quick there is little time to reach for the camera much less take a picture.  The other day I got a great picture of local park wildlife.
I'm not sure if this classifies as wildlife, but it was in the wild and huge, kind of like Alice and Wonderland.

The first full day here we went on the Going to the Sun Road.  It is a fascinating and beautiful drive.  We elected to drive ourselves versus the bus or touring car route so we could go at our own pace and stay as long as we wanted to at any one location.  These pictures do not begin to offer what the view is, but merely offer a glimpse into what one may see.

As you can see very nice.  We plan on extending a couple of days to see more.  Stay tuned for the Logan Pass adventure.

Life is Pretty Good!!

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  1. gorgeous pictures Joe and Carolyn looks like you are having a great safe out there