Sunday, August 5, 2012

Fishing at Glacier

I have been a little remiss in posting.  I thought I had posted about my fishing trip, but had just put in on FB, so sorry fans.

On Tuesday of this week I had scheduled to take some fly fishing lessons with a guide and have a float down the Middle Fork River on the west boundary of Glacier National Park.  It was a beautiful day and I had done nothing for a few days to save my shoulder for the trip.  The boat could hold 2 for the price and they had no singles that wanted to go.  I decided that Carolyn would like to float the river also as it was supposed to only be 4-5 hours of fishing after the lessons. 

We showed up at 8:30 to get started.  The guide said if it was alright with me, we would do the lessons on the river instead of a little fish pond at their office.  It was fine with me. We drove about 30 miles up the river to put in and were on the water by 10 AM.  My lessons consisted of stopping on a sand bar and throwing about 10 minutes and then we were off.  Great!  It was about 55 degrees about that time and a little cool.  The first couple of miles the guide had me getting out and walking/wading the bank.  It was cold.  I only had water shoes and shorts on, but we caught a fish every now and then.

I caught fish and this was my biggest.

It was a nice day and the fishing was pretty good even for a novice.  I caught 13, hung but lost a couple of dozen, and got 30 - 50 bumps or hits. It took awhile to learn that I didn't have to set the hook. :)  Carolyn ended up having a great time and was real tired when we finished.  I thought she would get pictures of all the fish I caught, but as you can tell she did not.  There are more scenery pictures though and they are great.

Steve and Debbie from Sioux Falls stopped by on their way through and we went fishing Thursday before they left on Friday.  We just waded up and down a few spots for 3-4 hours.  I ended up catching 3.  Steve got this picture before we got separated.
It has been a good time here with the weather being in the mid 80's most of the time and getting down in the 40's at night.  Daytime humidity is under 30% so it is real nice.  A lot different than Alabama right now.

May have found an area to spend the summers, but then there are a lot of places we haven't been yet. :)

Life is pretty good.  If it gets better I might not be able to stand it...


  1. Glad to hear you both are having fun. The temps sound perfect. Keep on posting.

  2. With all that beautiful scenery, who can blame Carolyn for taking pictures of it instead of fish?

    Guess you certainly are having fun! ;c)

  3. I like your remark, "I decided that Carolyn would like to float the river also" . . . would LOVE to hear Carolyn's side of that one! Reminds of a time when Jimmie "decided" that I wanted to go with him on a beginner's flying lesson years ago. :)

  4. Glad to see you are still fishing and I too like the remark, "I decided Carolyn would like to float the river also."