Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Westward Tour is Over

Our two weeks in Hungry Horse, MT were very relaxing.  Clear blue sky, crystal clear and blue waters rushing by, and when you leave the built up areas vast wilderness areas with "Beware of  Bear" signs everywhere.  We found Montana to be a very nice place with so much diversity it was amazing.

Last week we found out that Carolyn's BIL Jimmy had been admitted to the hospital.  He has been battling cancer for almost a year.  Despite several reports of getting better it has just kept up the endless march forward.  He has faced it head on and has continued to fight it at every turn. 

We decided to curtel our westward tour and head back to Georgia and Thursday after checking for our mail we pulled out of Hungry Horse about 10 AM. We drove for 10 hours and ended up in Billings, MT at a Burger King.  At least we got dinner and breakfast :)

Friday found us heading west about 7 AM.  We covered a lot of ground (after missing a turn and taking a leisurely 1 hour drive up I94. At least it was all new stuff) and ended up in Imperial, NE about 7 PM and saw Nancy and Randy.  They have been friends for about 20 years and it was very nice to see them and see the big city of Imperial.  We will definitely get back and see them in the future.

Saturday saw us pulling out at 8 AM and arrived in Boonville, MO.  We pulled into a rest area and were only going to stay for a couple of hours to grab some sleep about 8:30 PM.  It got hot and I turned on the generator and didn't get up until 5 AM.

Sunday we pulled out at 6 AM and pulled into the south side of Chattanooga about 7 PM.  We're plugged up and kicked back.  We only have a couple of hours to get to the Dacula, Ga area tomorrow morning.

We plan to be in the area to assist the family in whatever they need.  That is one of the benefits of this lifestyle, that you can do what you want when you need to.  Most people have to work around their work schedules and while, would like to, it is just not practical for them to give the time necessary.

I've sat  in the driver seat except for filling up for fuel for 45 hours over the last 4 days.  I'm one tired puppy, arf, arf!

This is just to let everyone know where we are and what we are up to.  Posting may get a little slower, sorry.



  1. wow thats alot of driving sorry to hear about Carolyn's BIL....glad to see you can be there for the family...take care....and good luck...thinking of Jimmy

  2. Glad you guys made the journey safely--that is the beauty of this lifestyle. Our thoughts are with you all.

  3. Your body was telling you that it was time to rest. I hope we never have to drive that far in one day or in four days. Glad your trip was a safe one. Sorry about Carolyn's BIL.

  4. YOU THE MAN!!! I don't think I could have spent that much time in the saddle my friend, but I know Jimmy's condition was a motivating factor & we're glad you arrived safely. It's a blessing to have the freedom to be where we're needed, for however long we're needed. Our thoughts & prayers are with you & yours during this trying time.
    Steve & Debbei

  5. Joe and Carolyn, thank you so much for trading the beauty of the Montana wilds for the joy of the Atlanta traffic. We appreciate you being here more than we can say.

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