Thursday, September 13, 2012

We Are Back Almost

This past Tuesday found us heading toward Guntersville, AL.  We are currently at Blue Herron RV Resort.

We have been in NE Atlanta assisting Carolyn's BIL's family with his illness and lending a hand where needed.  Jimmy passed on Aug 23d after a battle with Renal Cancer for over a year.  He faced it headon and fought the battle at every turn.  He didn't let it interfer with his work and kept giving wisdom and kind words to the end.  He will be missed.

While in the area we stayed initially at FT Yargo State Park.  We were going week to week due to the situation (they have a 14 day limit, but due to the circumstances allowed us to stay over that time).  With  our week to week extensions the Labor Day weekend was coming up and they were full so we checked out on Friday before.  It was a beautiful place and was only a 20 minute drive to the house. 

Not all the sites were this large, but there were larger.  As you can see satellite was a "no go".  Also, this site - 34, was the only site with sewer besides the 2 camphosts sites.  That is because it used to be a camphost site.  It was $28 per night with no discounts.

On the 31st we moved to Jones RV Park in Norcross, GA.  It was just 5 miles further, but going in the other direction, requiring us to get on I85 and heavy traffic.  It has 2/3ds of the park as long term (more than a month).  Some looked like they had been there years.  A mile away was a heavy ethnic neighborhood with store signs in foreign lanquages.  It was $30/night or $165 per week.  There is not a lot to choose from in the area and it filled a need.  Not the place that invited you to sit outside.  The sites were not very large either.  The second picture has a site between us and to the left is another site opening to our passenger side.

Blue Heron is a nice quiet owner owned lots, that for $143.10 a week (Good Sam Discount) you can not beat.  Being owner owned lots, several are for sale and are unoccupied, giving a large amount of space around you.  50 amp, FHU for the price isn't to bad.

We'll probably stay here a week or two and then head to Red Bay.

Life is pretty Good.


  1. So sorry to hear of Jimmy's nice you were there to offer support now time to rest...take care folks

  2. Red Bay is not a happening place but we had fun. Across the street from the RV park is a wholesale house with RV junk in it and we enjoyed browsing through there.