Monday, July 9, 2012

Upper Big Horn Mountains

After we got the MH repaired, we just vegged out let the storage bays air out and dry.  It is kind of like watching grass grow, but at 13% humidity and an 8 mph wind it doesn't take all that long.  

Sunday we started out about 9:30 to ride a loop up highway 14 into the northern Big Horn Mtns and make a loop and come back on 14A.  The scenery was fantastic.  Such a diverse area with the difference in altitudes.  We topped out twice at 9300' to 9400'.  That is on the roadway.  There was a little ice/snow in places still left, some only 1/4 to 1/2 mile from the road. 

The best views were while going up the OMG highway.  It is the western entrance to the Big Horn Mtns on hwy 14A.  It lasts about 10 miles and has 10% grade the whole way.  I was going up and my truck ran up to about 220 degrees.  It was narrow and did not offer a lot of availability to pull off.  There were people pulling trailers, sometimes two, with SRW coming off the mountain.  In my defense of not getting any pictures, there were such wide views I couldn't get everything in a picture to do it justice anyway.

We took a side trip in the Big Horn Canyon National Rec Area.  It is pretty much a desert environment with a river running through it creating a deep canyon.  The top picture is of that area.  This area has 150 wild mustangs and Big Horn Sheep.  We didn't see any Sheep, but did get a picture of a couple of wild horses.  After all it was the middle of the afternoon with temps in the mid 90's.  I would have been in the shade.

I got this new camera and allows me a 55-200 zoom.  This was maxed out.

We had a great drive, but we did not get back until 6 PM which made for a long day.  The Big Horn mountains, both the upper and lower, is a beautiful area.  I know we will be back, that is unless we go over the next hill and see something better. :)  That has been happening a lot lately.  Now that I know I can boondock, the world is my oyster. :))))

We're  off to see where Custer met his match.


  1. I want to boondock too but have not had the chance. We would love to see if we could do it and hopefully we will get that chance. Loved your four post. I feel like I was there with you.

    Joe and Sherri

  2. Sure sounds like y'all are having a ball. I had forgotten how good you are at taking pictures. Much better than me. Just don't have so much fun that you forget where home is.


  3. You are seeing so many incredible places!

  4. you are definitely having a the pictures...stay safe friends...