Sunday, June 17, 2012

I'm Alright and Didn't Break Anything

Well five weeks in Sioux Falls finally passed.  It had its ups and downs (later), but Friday we pulled out.

Sioux Falls was named for the falls that are downtown. There is a nice park that surrounds the falls area.

As I've said before, Sioux Falls has numerous parks and bike trails through the town and are maintain very well.

We hadn't been in town very long when Paul and Marti Dahl - RV Sanity came in town.  Great folks and while there we did get out to dinner one night and found out we have a lot in common. Didn't get any pictures, but before they pulled out the next AM, I managed to get a quick one.  Marti is in there somewhere. I know we'll see them again somewhere.

Our site at Tower Campground was very large and up front. (got to see everything going on). They are currently expanding this side of the campground and will have 46 sites when finished.  I believe the city is requiring an average of 2500 sq ft per site. 

In getting ready to travel I really wanted to wash the MH. I washed the roof, no problem. Started around the coach with my Solution wash and that is when it happened.
This is a reenacted picture. I was getting onto the top rungs when it went out from under me.  Only about 6'. The ladder was sprung and will not fold up.  Trash. I didn't break anything, but was sure glad the 6-8 guys that were putting in the new sites behind us did not work today because of rain. :)
I'm still a little sore.

Our last night we had dinner at Steve and Debbie Fields, friends we met here. Both of of have been waiting for our 5 weeks to be over.  I am 3 days ahead of him. It was a good time and I know we will see them in our future travels.

We left Sioux Falls Friday AM and arrived in Rapid City, SD.  We are staying at Ellsworth AFB, about 7 miles from town.  More later.

Have I told you lately, (no because I haven't posted), Life is pretty good.


  1. wow glad you didn't hurt anything other than your pride...hope the aches clear up real soon...Aren't Marti and Paul a blast..we met them this past winter and had dinner together...lovely yourselves :) take care...

  2. Have you forgotten already, 6' off the ground requires 100% tie off. When you come back through town I will run you through OSHA training again. haha

  3. Ouch! You are getting closer to Montana!

  4. Is that a television on the side of the MH? You are eating dinner in a setting as gorgeous as that, and you have the TV on? Must be a guy thing. :) Glad you didn't get seriously hurt!

  5. Sorry to hear about the fall, but glad you weren't hurt. Have fun and keep posting so we can go along with you.