Saturday, May 19, 2012

Hi-yo, Silver, Away!

We spent about three weeks in Guntersville seeing family and watching ballgames. The weather was great.  I did several projects for my dad.  The biggest was getting rid of the 40 year old shrubbery around the yard.  It was fairly time consuming, but it was accomplished.

The ball team won about 50% of the games while I was there, but didn't fair as well after I left.  I offered for diesel costs to come back, but I am still awaiting that call. :)

While there I received my PaddleSki (Sea Eagle blow up boat).  I didn't know where I was going to put it and when I opened it up I knew I had a problem.  So a consolidation of the storage was necessary.  While doing that I came up with a potential solution and the result is a lockable bed cover by Retrax.

We ended up leaving on April 30th.

We traveled north about two hours to Mountain Glen RV park just on top of the mountain above Pikeville, TN.  It is located just outside Falls Creek Falls State Park.  We saw some of Carolyn's aunts and uncles there and shared some good times.  The RV park had just three RVs counting us.  I believe it gets crowded during the summer as it is used as an overflow for the state park and has full 50 amp hookups.  As you can see, I think it would get tight if it were full.
The State Park is home to the tallest water fall east of the Rockies at 256'.  Even though it hasn't rained much lately it was still very nice.

I think I made it better don't you think?

We stayed four days and left for Cave City, KY about 4 hours further north toward Louisville, KY.  We had business there, but the weekend was the Kentucky Derby and we thought it might be crowded closer to Louisville.  We had a nice site at Singing Hills RV Park.  It is an older park, but is maintained nicely.  It is only about 4-5 miles to the Park and very convenient.  They gave us the biggest and most level site they had.  There was no one immediately close to us and was very quiet.

 Cave City is the home for Mammoth Cave National Park.  Is a very clean park and has nice facilities although it is all about the cave and riding trails throughout. The entrance is unlike any cave I have been in, although only the third.
It was 250' down on steps through a drain seam.  I want to remember 390 miles of cave currently mapped.  We went on one tour that covered parts of three tours.  One of the prettiest segments had some nice looks.


  1. Joe, your hat might rate right up there with Mike's!

  2. Allan and I spent our honeymoon at Fall Creek Falls State Park in a pop-up camper. It is a beautiful area.

  3. love the hat :)...great pictures!!!