Saturday, March 24, 2012

Red Bay (CRB), Like Being in the Army

We jumped into the week heading Monday AM to Red Bay.  We had a 1 PM appointment for service at Bay Diesel.  They put 4 technicians on it and was finished in about an hour.  From there it is just a mile or so to CRB.  What a place, about 100 campsites, most with full hookups, and an overflow area plus an area where people bring and leave their MH to be worked on.  We just settled in to wait our turn.  I had talked with the service manager and he said it was a two to three day wait to get into the express Bay (a 3 hour window w/two techs).  I figured more like a three to four day wait and would be happy to get out on Friday.  Well, we got in at 7 AM on Friday, :-) , but found problems :-( , and will be here most of next week.

On Tuesday AM at 7 AM I had an appointment with Brannon Hutchinson, Custom RV, to install Seelevel gauges and while there also had the Aqua Hot serviced.  We got back to CRB about 4 PM.

When you pull in there are three recalls they check for up front.  Front DS floor, it check out OK.  Wet Bay floor, it had been replaced last May by the previous owner and it was good, and the rails on top, they were also checked in May and were OK (then), but now there are cracks showing up and are to replaced.

Proceeding through my minor list of things they were knocking them out.  The washing machine had become unlevel and was vibrating badly. (at least that's what Carolyn tells me) :-)  Evidently a bump along the way had caused one corner to bounce up on a board they had put in to stabilize it.  It took about an hour for them to take it apart enough to man handled the machine back into place.  He put additional boards around and over it to prevent that from happening again.  The good news is that if anyone ever breaks in to steal it, they will have to work for it.

Another item mentioned by again Carolyn was the stove was unlevel and all the oil shifted to the back of the pan while cooking and made cooking difficult.  Now I want to ensure that is no going to slow down production so while not on my list I mentioned it also.  Seems the counter top is 3/4" lower in the back so a trip to the cabinet shop to totally disassemble the kitchen counter is in the works.  Warranty was mentioned for this also since it was a production error.

So here we sit waiting for our turn into the repair bays for the above items.  It has been a refreshing week.  It was like being in Basic Training in the Army.  Get up square up your area for formation, wait for formation, have an appointment, march to the area and back and when you get back to the barracks lay around for the next scheduled event.  Next day do it again.

In between all of the events you meet some very nice people (probably all are nice, just don't have the time).  In all of these discussions you learn how or what other people have done and why you might want to also.  Just a note, this could become a very expensive trip. :)

The weight issue I had back in January was also mentioned, so the mechanics are scheduled after the rail issue is resolved, probably Thursday or Friday.  Getting some cabinet work done by T.J. while here also.  Next week is going to be like being in the Army again, hurry up and wait, but in the end all is good.

To top it off, I've been sick all week and went to the Dr Thursday.  Carolyn has it now.

Life is good!


  1. oh wow guys..but once this is over everything will be 'right' in your world...feel better soon....nothing worse than hurry up and wait while your sick...good luck we're thinking of you!!

  2. It is good to find out that y'all are being worked through the system at RB. It does seem almost like the military [hurry up and wait] but they do a good job and move you along. We were well pleased with the work they did on ours. Hope you both get feeling better soon.

  3. How are you two feeling now? I hope you are getting through the Basic Training phase without a hitch.

  4. Um, I have a bit of a "weight issue" as well, but I find that if I cut out the beer and the chocolate, I can keep it managed. That's what you were talking about, right?