Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Not Much Happening

There has not been much going on, but have been going strong.

We left Carrabelle and headed toward Summerdale, AL.  We were going to the Rainbow Plantation (Escapees Park), but ended up going to Emmaus RV Park.  It is relatively new with nice sized sites.  We did the usual thing and drove around the area looking at different RV parks and for the price, $15 per night with a vet discount, we didn't find anything closer to the beach area that we liked.  You could be to any area desired in about 30 minutes.  The only drawback was I thought the street was narrow.  The pads and the roads were concrete and it was out in the country, but was only about 5 miles to Camping World.

After a week there we headed to Calera, AL.  We are getting doctor appointments out of the way this week and will head out next week for a Red Bay adventure.  By reading everyone's experiences it should be interesting.  Nothing major just getting some Seelevel gauges put on and a few items checked out and mayber service.

After Red Bay may go up and spend some time with the family before we head north and west.  Right now no where specific just go.

Like I said nothing happening much, but my adoring fans were getting restless for some kind of information.

Been all I could be, got all I could get, now its time for me (us)


  1. keep on keeping on guys!!! enjoy your time meeting up with your family...enjoy your (us) time :)

  2. I was starting to wonder if you guys were lost somewhere! Glad to see you are still traveling on!

    1. You blew by us and we had to wait for the dust to settle. One week to get home with a stop in AR, now that's moving. Love that mountain shot.