Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Forgotten Coast

OK, OK.  Here it is.

On our last evening at Cedar Key we went to dinner with Mike & Janna from Montana.  It was very enjoyable and ended all to soon. We know we will see them somewhere again.

The next morning found us headed to Ho Hum RV Park in Carrabelle, FL.  Mike and Janna had stayed there one night on their was south. We had both seen Laurie and Odell's post about this park. We made the trip without any problems, except if you don't count me looking back and seeing the DS bedroom slide out about 5 or 6 inches.  Thought I had better stop and fix that.  Not sure how that happened, but we proceeded without further problems.

Ho Hum is a different kind of park than we have been in (number 4) and was entirely sand and gravel. The hosts keep it raked and clean. Only 40 - 50 yards from the Gulf (we couldn't get one of the waterfront lots) it was very nice. Our view was not bad at all.

Several days were spent in the area walking on the beaches and finding a few shells. Below is Alligator Point.

We took two trips to St George State Park and walked on the beautiful beach.  The last day we walked for 4 hours.  We were tired when we got back, but only one person passed us and coming back we met two ladies walking.  Other than that not a soul for probably 4 to 6 miles. Found a few shells too.

They even had restrooms with a view of the beach.

I know why it is called, "The Forgotten Coast".  I sent pictures from my phone by email and received the a day and a half later.  GPS had to really hunt to pick up also  So now you know why this is so late.

Our last night found Rick and Elaine from Canada arriving.  We spent a little time with them and had a delightful time.  We were both leaving the next morning so we had to cut it short.  We were having to much fun and quiet time was approaching, :)  Sorry forgot pictures.

We are currently in Summerdale, AL at Emmaus Motor Coach & RV Resort.  More on the next post.

Been all I can be, got all I can get, now time for me (us)

Getting better every day


  1. It is a hard life but somebody has to do it. We'll be starting out this Spring and we'll try to help you out. LOL.

    It's about time.

  2. That's a great shot you took of us! Glad to hear you liked HoHum, I think we are stopping in that area again on our way out of Florida.

  3. Boy, retirement sure looks rough! :)

    1. It is very hard work. Wears me out every day.

  4. glad to see you folks arrived safe and sound!!! We are in pensacola and heading to New Orleans on Saturday to Ponchartrain Landing Rv resort....stay safe guys...we truly enjoyed our time with you :)