Friday, November 29, 2013

The Appointment

It's been awhile since I posted, but we haven't done a lot.

Our trip to Mitchell, SD was so that I could be close to my Pheasant Hunt. Part of my (not Carolyn's) full timing lifestyle was to travel the country seeing the sights, fishing, and hunting across the country. All the magazines had indicated lots of places free to hunt. That is still the case, but getting a little older :( it is a little more difficult to walk 10 to 20 miles across terrain that you don't know hoping to see the ever elusive game animal. Also all the farmers have found they can make a fair off season living leasing their land out to hunters. All that boils down to, it is harder to do that than I thought.  The conclusion is to find local outfitters and book hunts for a few days and sit back and let them do the work to get WHERE I need to be. :)

My hunt was with an outfitter in Woonsocket, SD. Note that we are residents :) so that is a savings already. We stayed in Mitchell, SD at Fam E Fun Campground. Nice campground and easy to maneuver around. Owner is friendly and lives on site.
It was about a 40 minute drive, but had shopping and activities close by.

It seems that Huron, SD may be the center of the area Pheasant activities. A ride through town found this.
We had our limit each day. Hopefully they will be good eating.

Getting to Mitchell we drove 4 hours through a storm with 24 mph cross winds and gusting to 44 mph with driving rains. It was not a pleasant day at all.

After that we dropped down and went by the Blue Ox factory to have the hitch serviced.  We had it serviced Feb of 12.  The factory here did a much better job and went over everything. It works a lot better now.  They have a nice campground for $20 per night and free if getting service done.

From Pender, NE we headed south and stopped in Independence, MO for a couple of nights.  On the way out of town we stopped at a Blue Beacon Truck/RV wash. I've heard about them and some have really talked them up.  The bus was filthy after driving in the rain. Just walking outside I would get dirty.  I got in line with the 18 wheelers and finally moved into the bay after about 30 minutes.  I was concerned with brushes being used and scratching the paint.  There were no brushes used just 2-3 guys on each side with a pressure wash and a row of nozzles down the center on top. Took about 10 minutes. I got the Rain X applied also and total was $47.00.  It was clean. I didn't take the time to dry it down when I pulled out so I got some water spots, but I don't think my wheels had been cleaner.

We headed further south and stopped below Branson in Omaha, AR.  It is a nice area with drives that are nice this time of year.

We went on down to Grenada, MS to stay at Frog Hollow Campground a few days.  Carolyn's sister Linda lives just up the road and we had a nice visit.

From there we went to Tiffin Meca (Red Bay) to get the body work from all the wrecks :(( done.  I also had a problem driver side window MCD shade that needed to be fixed.  Consensus was to replace it and we did.  We drive from there to Guntersville, AL and it didn't work.  Luckily we are going right by there Monday on my was to AR for another appointment. (quack quack).  I think is just an electrical connection that came loose.

We have been here in Guntersville seeing family and friends for Thanksgiving.  It got down to 16 two nights ago.  We have been in the cooler than normal weather for three months now.  My buddy Steve has been sitting in Destin, on the beach, in shorts watching he outside TV.  I think that might be pretty nice for a change so after my next appointment (Duck Hunt) and a week of Doctor appointments in Birmingham we are headed on South.

We had a great Thanksgiving and as usual ate to much.  We have a lot to be thankful, good health, great healthy family, and the ability to be at this place in our lives.  More on that soon.

Till next time.  Run your life, don't let life run you!

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  1. Hope you've since escaped SD and all that cold, winter weather. Glad I'm not a year round resident of my SD "home". :cD