Sunday, October 13, 2013

Their Turning Off The Lights

Our leisurely summer is over and it is time to head south.  Last night the temperature got down to 33 degrees on one site.  To compound that problem the campground is turning off the water tonight at 11 PM.  The last two weekends have had local MN Good Sam rally's.  They blow in Friday and blow out Sunday AM.  As you can tell most have left this morning already and the few left related with the rally are rolling up their hoses.  It does make for a quite campground. :)
The site has been a nice one.  It's real level and larger than some we have been in.  The park, St Cloud Campground and RV Park, touts itself as a rally park and has a building set aside for that activity and a kids game room and playground.  It also has a few long term residents, but their sites are clean and well maintained.
Our summer, although starting a little late, mid July, has certainly been laid back.  We spent 6 weeks in Michigan and 6 weeks in Minnesota.  We saw a few sights along the way and really enjoyed the Lake Superior shoreline.  It is like going to Florida and enjoying the Gulf, but it is all fresh water and clearer than the Gulf.  The drawback it is cooler although we did see people swimming at different places.

We stayed initially in St Cloud to allow for the insurance adjuster of the guy that hit me to come by.  I figured that being mid Friday PM that they got back to me that Wednesday would be a good day to leave.  My surprise came Sunday evening the adjuster called to set the appointment and Monday AM at 9 we had a check in hand.  It wasn't a bad experience at all, just the hassle of it. 

The park was nice enough with shopping close by so we decided to stay another week.  It was to far to go to our original plan to International Falls.  One of the reasons we wanted to go was to see Voyager National Park and if they closed the government that would not be open.  They did, and it was, so it was a good decision not to go.  Sometimes regardless what I do we get it right. :)

Going into town one day (Walmart run) found us on a traffic circle.  The truck GPS told us to go to the 3d exit.  A major discussion started about whether to turn right or left.  Having been a country boy going to Germany in 1972 it didn't take long (once) to find out a left turn puts you on a perpetual loop. :)

We were just delaying heading south until my appointment Oct 19th in Woonsocket, SD.  We decided to stay another week only to find out that the water would be turned off on our last night.  There wouldn't even be a faucet in the park to get water. ???  Even in the south we have freeze faucets.  So we were going to have to move anyway.  We are headed to Mitchell, SD tomorrow in preparation for my 19th appointment. 

I guess we'll let winter or fall anyway blow us south.  If you haven't guessed yet, I like cool weather. :)


  1. You are most definitely headed in the wrong direction guys!! Haven't you seen the South Dakota weather lately?? :))

    1. Just playing on the east side. Watching the weather closely. We'll only be there for a week before heading straight south. No mountains around here though.

  2. c
    C ya in Florida travel safe. We hopefully cross the international border Oct 31.