Sunday, June 23, 2013

Hello, We're Back

Our three month to the day hiatus has come to an end, thank goodness. We now find ourselves back on out original journey with some changes. We sit in Red Bay to get a few tweaks (we hope) accomplished this week. Hopefully we can get these done this week because they close for the week of the 4th. What doesn't get done can just wait. Luckily there is nothing major, unless they find something. :(

Dad is currently in outpatient rehab. He is mobile (on a walker), but still needs to gain some strength. He is able to get about the house and do for himself. That is a great relief. We are extremely lucky to be in a position to assist in these times of need and consider ourselves fortunate.

We got to see the grandchildren in their ballgames and dance recitals and I would post pictures, but I'm sure everyone knows what that would be like. They probably have an album full of these themselves.

While hanging out in the old home town, I rode into areas I hadn't been into for 40-50 years. It looked a lot different. In some cases it was a good change and some bad, but I guess change, good or bad, is good.

We have a family reunion in TN for the 4th we're going to and then who knows.  West is the general consensus. On the way we are going to stop in Stuttgart, AR (Duck Central) and find  an outfitter or two that I can drive my MH into and stay in it. Some duck hunting this fall is definitely in the offering if the snow doesn't get me in the west. :)

We have been here for only a day and have met our neighbors that going to fulltime also. That is the great thing about this lifestyle.  The people are great and the times you can have sitting on an old airport runway in front of repair bays can create great memories and friends.

One thing, we were just here a few months ago and they have opened up the new highway bypass. I missed my turnoff and ended up in MS before I realized I had gone about 4 miles to far. Luckily it was an easy turnaround and back to where I should have turned.  It just goes to show how sitting for long periods can dull you thinking. :)  Need to be moving more.

Still loving the lifestyle and some days sleep until 6:00 AM. Follow us as we encounter new adventures.


  1. Welcome back out on the road. Hope we get to see you two this summer. Weather here has been great. Looking forward to seeing the aspen trees show their color this fall. Glad your dad is doing better.

  2. Glad to hear you are hitting the road again!

  3. Hi there guys glad to see you back online and that your dad is doing well. Have a great summer travelling west and hope to see you in the sunshine state this winter.
    Rick and Elaine

  4. Hi Joe! Thanks for the comment on the VA on our blog. Sorry that you're claim is dragging on, I'm hoping that I'll at least be able to get some appointments to examine my injuries before the end of this year.

    We've been sitting here in SC since last December. I'm afraid to go too far in case an appointment comes along.

    Good luck in your travels, hope your Red Bay time goes quickly and cheaply! :c)

  5. Not much in Red Bay hey? We stayed there for a week getting some adjustments. Good to see you back at it.