Saturday, April 13, 2013

Out of Hibernation - Almost

Had a good winter in the Clermont area with the family.  My shorter stay this winter turned into a longer - 7 week stay.

As mentioned before we got to see several of our RV buddies while there.  Went to the RV show in Tampa and saw Deena and Dennis, several RV Dreamers at the get together at the floating pavilion, Steve and Debbie, and Rick and Elaine

We were going to the Keys and stay and the Navy base there.  This time of year usually requires boondocking until you move up to a full hookup site where you can stay for only 14 days before you rotate back to boondocking.  I've had doubts about my batteries capabilities all year and this fall it just got worse.  End result, didn't think I could boondock without running the generator all the time.  That would be a no no.

Rick and Elaine asked us to come the The Glades in Moore Haven, FL.  So off we went to Moore Haven.  I didn't get out of town good until the generator started and basically had to run it all the way.  The Glades was a pretty nice campground on grass sites.  The sites were a decent size and had all kind of activities.  We extended a week and had to move from our primo site next to Elaine and the pool, but the site we selected was out in the country.  i.e. no one close.
We had lots of fun and also Valentines Day dance.  There was lots of fun, food, and dancing.
While at the Glades I saw on the news where up north they had a polar plunge.  I thought it would be neat if we had one.  I prepared a little flyer and set it up for the next night as it was going to be the coldest of the winter.  I was trying to get a huge turnout. :)

I didn't get any takers like I thought.  I thought it would be an annual event, but being a man true to my word, I didn't let it slow me down.
I did draw a crowd so I did have some supporters. Who knows, maybe next year.
I was doing real good until it slipped out on Elaine's blog that the pool was heated. I've been in a lot colder water duck hunting and would have again if it hadn't been for Kevin, thanks.

Headed from The Glades to Cedar Key to see the sunsets and eat some great seafood.  It was cold and windy most of our week, but it was still a good time.  While getting there we had to run the generator half the time so I pulled the plug and a guy that knew about solar and stuff.  I headed into Mayo, FL and got 6 new AGMs installed.  His place is a boondocking site, but within 1 mile was the Suwanee River Rendezvous RV Resort.  3 nights later with batteries installed we boondocked and being successful were on our way.  Most of the time the inverter reads full charge.  It didn't do that before.  Hopefully, I should be good to go for 6-8 years on batteries and not have to touch them. :)

We got to Birmingham in a long day pull.  We had an appointment or two and were leaving Friday Mar 22d.  The night of the 21st got the dreaded call that my dad had fallen and broken his hip and would have surgery Friday at 10.  We headed toward Guntersville.  Got checked in to the Hospital about 11 AM.  We finally had surgery at midnight, a long day to say the least.

We are back to a Rehab facility and will have to see how this progresses.  Luckily I was within 100 miles of home where I can lend assistance.  The west coast will have to wait awhile.

So here we sit engine idling and awaiting departure, kind of like being on the space shuttle.  Wonder what I could do with that. :)  More later.  There are just the high points. Got to get back to a more normal pattern of blogging, hopefully there will be something to talk about.

We consider ourselves luckier than most.


  1. Sorry to hear about your Dad. Hope he recovers from this set back. We are headed to Creed Colorado in June and will be there for two months. If you pass by that area on your way west give us a look up.

  2. Hey Joe nice to see a blog from you I thought you might be too busy practicing to write. Sorry to hear about your dad and hope all turns out good for him and you get to head west.

  3. Hi Joe, I was happy to see you at the Tampa RV Get together. We're in Birmingham at the moment moving on up to St. Louis area for family time. I'm so sorry to hear about your dad, hope he gets along just fine and back to normal soon.

    Take care.

  4. I had to keep you dry, otherwise I would have been picking up decoys by myself. haha. And you thought I did not read your blogs.