Friday, January 27, 2012

What Have I Done?

We probably have 10 or so people that check the blog, evidently on a regular basis.  They are mostly family.  I have been severely chastised for NOT posting.  Thinking of putting this post up, it dawned me that the more I post, the more people will read, and therefore more complaints when I lag behind in my
posting.  I have created a monster, similar to the cookie monster.

We are currently in Clermont, FL and have been since late December.  We had a second Christmas upon our arrival.  Carolyn prepared a little poem that went with our new lifestyle.  I know it's late, but read first paragraph.

Santa Didn't Come
(Our First RV Christmas)

Twas the  night before Christmas
and all through the coach,
Not a creature was stirring
not even a roach.

Our stockings were flung
on the floor by a chair,
In the hope that St Nicholas
would soon be there.

But, he didn't come...
he didn't show...
Why he didn't come,
we don't know.

We thought he had gotten
our change of address,
And would be able to find us
with his GPS.

So, next year it's going
to be our goal,
To camp a little closer
to the North Pole!!

It has been nice to spend this past month is central Florida.  With temps in the 70's and 80's shorts has been the norm.  Also, being here with no place to go or get back to has allowed for a laid back daily routine with the kids and grandkids.  Involving ourselves with their daily lives and activities had been different for me.  I always had to get back or be thinking of what was going on back at work.  Very relaxing.

We had an AF1 braking system and Blue Ox base plate installed at Creative Coach in Lakeland.  They did a great job and treated us well.  After that we made it by Howard and Linda Payne of RV-Dreams to get weighed.  They perform weighing of RV's for RVSEF.  They were down for the Tampa Super Show and were just 20 miles down the road.  I had wanted to get weighed to give the data I needed for life on the road.

Well little did I know I was operating unsafe.  Our weights on the front axle and tires were over the rating and we were operating at to low an air pressure.  On their recommendation we had the tires inspected at a Michelin dealer and found them OK and inflated to the correct pressures.  At the show I talked with the Spartan rep and found Tiffin reps at the Lazy Days area.  It appears there may be to much pressure being placed on the Tag axle putting pressure on the front axle.  I will get this checked out, more when I find out.

As I said earlier, we have been just hanging out and learning more about the MH and getting together with family.  We cooked Oysters three times with all getting their fill each time.

One of my goals is to eat my way across the country.  We are on our way.

We will be leaving in a week or two to start our wandering trip to Sioux Falls, SD to obtain a driver's license and finalize our residency transfer.  Maybe more will be happening in the future to prompt me to post more.  Got to keep the fans happy.

Life is pretty good.


  1. This new lifestyle is truly amazing isn't it! You will find that at first you might be putting a lot of mileage on the rigging running back and forth and it can be too much to handle. Taking a slower pace approach will give you time to see more of an area as well as being more appreciative of it because who knows you may enjoy it but may never be back there.

    It's about time.

  2. I know what you mean about not posting I have been posting at least once a day fro a month or so, no matter what I have to say. My readership went up from 1 or two a month to over 200 a day! My life is so boring, I cannot figure out what is so interesting.

    Mike and Dee

  3. Love the poem! I'm one of your blogger "stalkers" who has been checking your blog daily. Glad to hear from you! Enjoy your upcoming travels.


  4. Thanks for the blog comment. The sites here are Cedar Key are huge, 45X80 and we see tag axle motorhomes come in every day. Hope to get to meet you. And I know what you mean about creating a monster, I get phone calls from family when I don't post.

  5. Love the poem! So cute. We find we are busiest when we are visiting our family back in Alabama. Sometimes we seem to be meeting ourselves as we hurry to the next thing on our "to do" list.
    Good to hear you are enjoying life. It only gets better.