Monday, January 2, 2012

Jumping the TOC to head South

Last Wednesday we loaded up to head south to the Orlando area.  We felt like real fulltimers/RV'rs.  Well, it wasn't long before I was faced with a newby problem.  Although it hadn't rained, the moisture in the air had pooled on the slide covers.  There was about 1/4" of ice on some of the covers.  We had brought the covers in with two of the slides on the driver's side.  I knew that would not fly, so out they went ever so slowly so as to watch and ensure I wasn't going to rip them off.  With the sun and a little time, and sliding them in a little at a time, we had success.

We finally got underway with no visible damage.  Our travels had several stops and about 9 PM we stopped at one of the Florida Rest Areas.  Got to turn on the generator to get heat. 

We made on down to Clermont, FL to Barry's driveway about noon.  The boys and a couple of friends had cleared the road in front of his house of the neighbors low hanging limbs.  There were a lot, but with the clearing of the road I was able to pull up and back straight in with no pull-ups.  Note here, Barry is a lot better at directing than Carolyn, but she is learning.  It helps when she stays in the mirror. We got some radios and that helps alot. 

Barry had installed a 50 amp plug in, but we needed an extension.  A trip to Home Depot got that done (and no I wasn't in charge of that).  We are going to put in a sewer hookup to his clean out.  It is nice to be here and just be around all of the kids coming and going.  The small ones Landon and Christian got In-Line skates (with pads) and with the 75 deg days it was all hands outside.  I even got on a pair (didn't get a picture of that).  I didn't go far, ran out of Motorhome to hold onto.  I was thinking what would happen if I fell and broke something, don't think Carolyn could do this by herself with me laid up.

Things are going to get a little cool down here the next two nights.  Unlike other parts of the country, when the weather gets below freezing for more than 1.5 hours it damages the citrus crop.  It becomes a major endeavor to keep the groves above freezing.  Tomorrow night they are looking at between 6 to 9 hours below freezing.

That is about it for now.

Life is pretty good.


  1. Would love pictures of the next skating party!

  2. Excited to have a new blog to follow. We are still several years away from our full-timing dream. Looking forward to following you on your adventures. Remember, we are all learning from your newbie "mishaps" :)